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The Sibia Edge

    Many parents are understandably leery or cautious of enlisting the assistance of an admissions consulting company like Sibia Admissions. After all, such consulting firms were not in existence twenty to thirty years ago. Then again, the college admissions procedure then was not what it is today, either.

    Instead, getting admitted to college is now a hypercompetitive ordeal. Countless students across the nation boast of identically high test scores and GPAs, all vying for limited spots at Ivy League universities and top-tier colleges. This is where Sibia Admissions can help your son or daughter to gain an edge over other college applicants.

How We Collaborate with Parents

    When you work with Sibia, you can be confident your child and your personal Sibia consultant share the same goal – helping your child to gain admission to the best possible college. While your child is Sibia’s primary client, our team is aware that parents often prefer being apprised of their children’s progress with the consultant.

    Thus, we are more than happy to address your questions and concerns directly. Moreover, your child’s Sibia expert can keep you thoroughly informed of the steps involved in each consulting session. The student’s goals and college preferences are primary, yet we also take into account your input and financial circumstances, which may very well impact your child’s choice of university.

    All Sibia consultants and the consulting packages we offer are flexible and tailored to meet your requirements. We aim to ensure that you and your child make the most of your experience with Sibia Admissions, so that your child can select from the best and brightest options during his or her senior spring.

Why You Should Choose Sibia

    With Sibia, you can rest assured that your child is much more than a client, a name on a resume, or a set of numbers consisting of his or her GPA and standardized test scores. Sibia Admissions consultants are experienced and savvy professionals who have undergone the intensive college admissions process themselves. As a result, we know firsthand the stress you and your child are facing.

    Furthermore, your Sibia consultant will become familiar enough with your child and his or her achievements in order to provide truly salient guidance. We delve into much more than simply the student’s high school GPA and standardized test performance. On the contrary, Sibia Admissions takes into account your child’s extracurricular activities, unique experiences, academic interests, lifestyle preferences and more.

    Equipped with this holistic understanding of your child’s needs, Sibia Admissions is better able to provide personal consulting services that truly enhance the student’s high school experience, as well as his or her chances of admission to the most suitable universities.

    To learn more about what Sibia Admissions can do for you, review our various essay editing and consulting serviceshere. We have provided overviews of each individual service package, so that you can help your child to determine exactly what you need from your personal Sibia consultant!