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Law School Admissions Consulting Services from Sibia

Receive invaluable guidance, personal statement assistance and insider's knowledge regarding law school admission.

Conquer the Challenges of the Law School Admissions Process.  The most effective way for you to be offered a spot at the best possible law school for you--given your unique background and talents--is to apply strategically.  Given that the all-important resources of time and money are finite, you want to approach law school admissions just like the bar exam: get it right the first time. From the start, you want to select the right schools to apply to, draft a personal statement that is compelling and highlights your achievements and background, and ensure that all of your paperwork is in order and your deadlines are met. 

Your own Personal Law School Admissions Advocate.  As one of Sibia's clients applying to law school, you would benefit from the focused, personal attention of a consultant devoted to helping get you into the best possible program.  Through phone consultations, email support, in-depth personal statement reviews, academic resume help and interview coaching (if needed), you will receive invaluable counseling from an experienced law school admissions consultant.

Our Service Packages

Take a look at the different law school admissions consulting packages below to see which could best meet your needs and timeline.  Note that in addition to the "Super, "Ultimate" and "Interview" packages, we are happy to customize a package for you and provide a quote—see below.



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  • 4 sessions of phone/Skype law school admissions consulting, including a customized Master Admissions Plan with target law schools and ongoing email support
  • Assistance with brainstorming and outlining, followed by a comprehensive review, edit and proofreading of your personal statement
  • Hands-on guidance as you create your resume, and customized interview coaching and actual practice session



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  • Everything included in the Super Consulting Package above, plus:
  • 7 sessions total of phone/Skype consulting, in addition to limited email and phone calls to personal Sibia Consultant during business hours
  • 3 separate reviews of personal statements—including a critique, editing & proofreading—(up to 3000 words total per review); 2 separate reviews and edits of resume
  • Final proofreading and polish of personal statements and resume
  • Additional month of phone and email support


 Personalized quote

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  • Choose the number of phone/skype consulting sessions and specify exactly what you want to accomplish in your Master Admissions Plan
  • Specify the number of personal statement(s) and exact word count you want assistance with and the number of times you'd like to have your law school personal statement(s) reviewed
  • Opt for fast delivery (24 hours) or any other slower time period of your reviewed statements of purpose
  • Determine how long you'd like additional email and phone support



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  • Receive helpful Sibia Interviewing Guidelines document, which offers practical advice

  • 2 hours of one-on-one phone/Skype consultation, including 2 mock interviews

  • Extensive written feedback provided in a Performance Summary following each practice interview


"David provided excellent editing and recommendations for my personal statement used for business school admission. The turnaround was as advertised and the returned comments were thoughtful and concise."

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