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Sibia’s Admissions Services for Study Overseas

Regardless of your native country or first language, a Sibia consultant will help you to accomplish your academic goals.

Learn about all of your potential options for academic success. Every year, thousands of international students move to study overseas in pursuit of unique academic opportunities that they may not be able to access in their home countries. For example, the U.S. higher education system is among the best in the world and attracts top-quality applicants, and you could be one of them. With Sibia's education consultants, you can thoroughly examine all of your options of studying overseas and make the right choices.

Reap the benefits of receiving your education from an international university. While some students seek to enroll in a U.S. program with the aim of becoming permanent residents, others intend to bring the skills and knowledge they gain here back to their countries to seek employment. Regardless of your professional goals and future life plans, Sibia helps you to determine how you can ensure your personal success, by counseling you on how to make the most of your study abroad experience.

Choose the Exact Service from Sibia that Gets You Ahead. There are many different types of international students, living either abroad or already within the United States, who harbor unique goals and expectations about their academic experiences. No matter where you’re from and where you hope to end up, a Sibia overseas education consultant is prepared to help you get there! We offer three types of services designed to help you study overseas: Application Essay Editing, Admissions Consulting Services, and Pre-Application Consulting Services.

Choose the Most Appropriate Editing or Consulting Service

Application Essay Editing Services for International Students

Don’t be deterred if English is not your first language. Native English speakers are usually daunted by the prospect of writing a good personal statement, let alone international applicants, whose first languages may not be English! However, if you are prepared to undertake a course of study taught in English, you will certainly be able to construct a thoughtful and informative personal statement in language with which you are comfortable.

Write a compelling personal statement that highlights your uniqueness. International students bring diversity, fascinating perspectives, and distinctive experiences to the academic programs they attend. Remind admission officers of this fact effectively by creating a personal statement that demonstrates the qualities that you personally can contribute to the university.

With a Sibia overseas education consultant, ensure your final version is flawless. So you have the enthusiasm, self-discipline, and qualifications to excel at an English-speaking university, but you must be able to convey this in your admissions essay. Then, the final and crucial step is to make sure that your personal statement is devoid of all grammatical, typographical and spelling errors, and that it flows smoothly to the reader. A Sibia overseas education consultant can work with you as you accomplish all of the above, so that you are absolutely confident about the final personal statement you submit with your applications to study overseas.

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Application Consulting Services to Study Overseas

Application requirements are different for international students. You may be required to take certain standardized exams that are not common to your home country, or to take an additional test that evaluates your English skills. By planning in advance and carefully reviewing each school’s application rules, you can be sure you aren’t missing any required component of your application and that you submit all of your materials in a timely fashion.

Sibia streamlines the admissions process to save you stress. International students are responsible for submitting countless supplementary documents with their applications, ranging from the usual personal statement and resume to documents verifying financial and citizenship statuses. To complete your applications to overseas programs in an efficient and productive manner, take advantage of a Sibia overseas education consultant’s personalized advice and guidance.

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Pre-Application Consulting Services for Study Overseas

Studying overseas for an extended amount of time requires planning ahead. Relocating to pursue any degree program, which will likely require more than one year to complete, is a significant decision not to be taken lightly. In addition to the issue of time, international students face the prospect of a significant financial burden, as they are ineligible for government-funded loans in their target country. You can make the most of these investments by planning well in advance to maximize your chances of being admitted to the best possible study overseas program that’s right for you.

Sibia factors in all aspects of your background to provide customized guidance. Some young international students may be in the United States alone, the hopes of relatives in their home countries resting on their shoulders. Other applicants may be considering moving their nuclear families in order to pursue a Ph.D degree at an American school. Rest assured that your Sibia overseas education consultant will consider your specific circumstances, educational background, and professional goals to offer pertinent pre-admissions counseling.

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