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Decide Which Programs and Schools Would Be Your Optimal Fit. Applicants to graduate school are generally entering fairly specialized areas of study, with specific research interests that may be better supported in certain schools rather than others. Therefore, selecting the best programs to target is of extreme importance. Be sure to fully research all of your options, so that you apply to graduate schools that would cultivate your research endeavors with supportive faculty members and the resources you need.

Convincingly Demonstrate the Breadth and Depth of Your Qualifications. The admissions officers and professors who review your application will evaluate your candidacy based on much more than your GRE score and GPA. However, the burden is on you to demonstrate that you would be an ideal addition to their department. Reach out to prospective supervisors who are current faculty members, and in your applications, clearly make the connection between their program and your academic background, professional goals, and research focus.

Sibia Offers a Variety of Graduate School Admissions Consulting Services to Assist You. Submitting successful applications to your graduate programs of choice is no easy task. The graduate school admissions process requires program research, academic preparation, and extensive planning, not to mention the basic requirements of recommendation letters, the GRE, etc. With Sibia graduate school admissions consultants, you'll tackle all parts of your grad school applications effectively.

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Graduate School Statement of Purpose Editing Services

Articulate Yourself through the Personal Statement with Clarity and Sincerity. Successfully earning a graduate degree requires the drive and self-motivation to study and to conduct research independently. As a very significant supplement to your transcript and GRE score, your personal statement enables you to express your prospective research focus and realistic career goals in order to reveal why you want to earn a graduate-level degree.

Present a Comprehensive Image of Yourself as the Ideal Grad School Candidate. Through your personal statement, you should reveal to admissions officers and prospective faculty mentors that you possess the qualities to become a valuable addition to their program, someone who will pursue his or her academic interests at the graduate level with focus, passion, and enthusiasm.

Your Sibia Graduate School Admissions Consultant Will Assist in Polishing Your Personal Statement. More than conveying the specifics of your educational background, experience, and future goals, the personal statement will also reveal the level of your writing skills. Thus, those reviewing your application to graduate school will expect flawless essays that demonstrate your good command of academic English. Your Sibia graduate school admissions consultant works with you to craft a personal statement that resonates strongly with admissions officers and faculty members.

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Graduate School Admissions Consulting Services

Put Your Best Foot Forward with a Complete, Outstanding Application. Graduate school applications are very thoroughly evaluated because the department you enter will be relatively small. Therefore, it is imperative that you are a good fit with the faculty members and your colleagues, in terms of research goals and academic areas of focus. Furthermore, you will be utilizing valuable department resources in terms of people, facilities and funding, so admissions officers want to be certain that you are a great match for the program.

Complete Your Grad School Applications with Focus and Care. Each component of your graduate school application is deserving of attention, including your resume, writing sample (if applicable), letters of recommendation, and so on. Take advantage of the opportunity to introduce yourself in the best light through every piece of information you provide to your application reviewer. With Sibia’s graduate school admissions advice, you can feel confident that you are submitting applications of the highest quality and content.

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Grad School Pre-Application Consulting Services

Plan in Advance to Become a Successful Applicant and Graduate Student. Your desire to earn a graduate degree in a particular field is likely reflected in your undergraduate coursework and extracurricular and/or professional commitments. Due to the intensive nature of graduate-level study and research, admissions officers look for proof of your level of commitment and self-motivation, so early preparation is a must for successful applicants to graduate school.

Make the Most of Your Future as a Grad Student with Sibia Admissions. There is no single “right” way to gain admission to the graduate school of your choice, but there are certainly steps you can take to enhance your chances. The Sibia team offers you useful graduate school admissions insight and pre-application guidance during your undergraduate career and beyond, so that when it comes time to apply to your grad schools of choice, you can boast of stellar accomplishments that set you apart from other applicants.

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