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Platinum College Admissions Essay Consulting Package

Receive the most comprehensive admissions essay consulting service available.

Take advantage of invaluable guidance and assistance even before you start writing your essay. Out of all the materials you submit with your undergraduate application, you can best control the quality and content of your admissions essay. Grades and test scores cannot be altered after the fact, nor can you significantly influence the contents of your recommendation letters. However, you remain in total control of all aspects of your admissions essay, from the planning and brainstorming stages up to its final edit.

Our consultants offer top-notch essay editing services. Sibia Admissions' Platinum Package provides you with the intensive admissions essay consulting and editing services that make your application essay rise above a flat piece of writing to one that resonates with your distinctive voice, in order to make a lasting and positive impression upon admissions officers. From the initial stages, you can surmount each step in the essay writing process guided by the personalized advice of a professional college consultant.

What You Receive

  • Initial admissions essay consulting, brainstorming and outlining session via phone/Skype or chat; Consultant studies your completed Questionnaire prior to session
  • Continued collaboration with College Consultant via email as needed to outline essay draft
  • Two separate comprehensive reviews of essay draft(s), with input on structure, content, style and grammar, and detailed summary overviews
  • Following each review, a redline version presenting your Consultant's suggested changes and comments, along with a fully proofed "clean" copy that incorporates these changes
  • Unlimited email support following each comprehensive review of your essay(s)
  • A third thorough proofreading and polish, and an additional week of email support
  • Option of standard (48 hours) or expedited (24 hours) delivery for each review

Details / Timeline

Complete the Questionnaire

After choosing the word count you need based on the number of admissions essay(s) you will write, place an order with Sibia, and you'll immediately receive our detailed Admissions Questionnaire. Fill it out and return it to us to provide your Consultant with key information about your academic background, work history and extracurricular activities. Then, your Consultant will schedule your phone/Skype brainstorming and outlining session.

Personal Statement                                             
Brainstorming & Outlining

Prior to the brainstorming and outlining session, your Sibia Consultant will have carefully reviewed your Questionnaire responses. Now familiar with your applicant profile, your Consultant will prepare potential approaches to your admissions essay in advance for discussion. The two of you will then outline your college admissions essay(s) during the hour-long admissions essay consulting session.

Complete Drafts of Personal Statement(s)                  
Submit to Your College Consultant

Write your initial draft(s) and submit them to your Sibia Consultant.  She will thoroughly critique, edit and proofread your essay(s), thus improving their structure, flow and grammar.  Awkward phrasing and irrelevant content will also be addressed. Then, your Sibia Consultant will return your admissions essay(s) by the method you requested, via email or secure download to your account, within 48 or 24 hours.

Extensive Feedback                                                     Actionable Advice

For each essay you submit, you will receive a redline version that clearly indicates your Sibia Consultant's recommended changes and comments. The Consultant will also provide a detailed summary at the end of the redline version to explain the specific strengths and weaknesses of your college admissions essay(s). In addition, you will receive a fully proofed "clean" copy of each personal statement that has already incorporated your Consultant's recommendations.

Review, Re-edit and Re-Submit

After thoroughly reviewing your Sibia College Consultant's recommended changes, you can make the necessary changes; during this time, you can email your consultant with any questions that you may have. Once you have rewritten your draft statement(s), re-submit them to your Consultant for another thorough review, including editing and proofreading. You will receive these college application essay(s) again within 48 or 24 hours, based on the delivery method you originally selected.

Final Proofread and Polish                                         
Additional Email Support

In this final stage, you can make more changes to your drafts, ask additional questions of your Consultant, and then submit your college admissions essay(s) a third time for a final Proofread and Polish. After ensuring that your essay(s) are flawless, your Consultant will return final redline and clean copies to you within the originally specified turnaround time, 24 or 48 hours. You will also receive an additional week of email support to ask any questions of your Consultant.


Select from two delivery options: each essay is reviewed and returned in 48 hours with Standard Delivery, or in 24 hours with Accelerated Delivery.

Word Count Standard Price Accelerated Price
0-250 $275 $343
251-500 $305 $381
501-750 $335 $418
751 - 1000 $365 $456
1001 - 1500 $413 $516
1501 - 2000 $464 $580
2001 - 2500 $513 $641
2501 - 3000 $560 $699
3001 - 4000 $648 $799
4000+ Contact us for a quote

Our Guarantee

Sibia's Platinum Package gives you the most comprehensive and thorough admissions essay consulting and editing service available. We are extremely confident of the quality of our service and guarantee that you will be pleased as well.  If you are dissatisfied for any reason, please contact us and we will resolve the issue immediately. Should you remain unhappy with our service, we will of course refund your full payment or give you free credit for another Sibia package. Take charge of your application now by contacting a Sibia consultant!

Submit your college application essays with confidence and aim for admissions success!

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"Dona did a great job editing my personal statement. I am also very pleased with the advice she gave and comments she made. Thank you very much!

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