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College Interview Coaching Package

Get the tips and practice you need to impress your admissions interviewer.

The college admissions interview can be a crucial deciding factor of your application. Sibia's College Interview Coaching Package allows you to go over the interview process with your consultant individually, in two hours of phone or Skype conference sessions.  In addition to providing basic tips on how to present yourself, what to bring, and what not to bring up during the interview, your college admissions interview consultant will conduct two mock interviews with you.

Optimize your admissions interview experience with useful college interview coaching. You will also receive a helpful list of potential questions that you can consider before undergoing the real thing, based upon the contents of your application. Finally, your Sibia college admissions interview consultant will give you written feedback in an official Performance Summary, to which you can refer for additional interviews.

What You Receive

  • Invaluable insights from Sibia's Interviewing Guide document for college interview coaching; Guide includes list of potential questions
  • You and your Sibia Consultant have an initial session to learn key interviewing pointers
  • Two mock interviews via Skype video, phone, or in person, if geography allows
  • Detailed Performance Summary following each practice interview

Details / Timeline

Questionnaire Response and Review

You complete a detailed Questionnaire to provide information regarding your application contents, academic background, extracurricular interests, etc. Sibia's College Admissions Consultant reviews your Questionnaire responses prior to the first session.

First Session                                                            
College Interview Coaching

First Session: You receive basic college interview coaching and advice, in addition to a written list of potential questions, tailored to your application.

College Admissions Interview Preparation

With the information provided, your prepare for the mock interviews with your Consultant.

Two Mock Interviews with Sibia Consultant

Second Session: You and your Consultant practice two interviews, and you receive verbal feedback and additional college interview coaching.

Performance Summary

Sibia Consultant submits the written Performance Summary to you for additional practice and reference.

Our Guarantee

Sibia’s College Interview Coaching Package helps you to maximize the potential of any admissions interview you may have. Our consultants make sure you are sufficiently prepared, so that you turn your interviewer into a recommender who champions your candidacy to the admissions office. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the quality of our service. If you have any issue, contact us so we can work to resolve it immediately. If you are still dissatisfied, we will offer you a full refund or free credit for another service offered by Sibia. Begin preparing for those important interviews now by contacting us today!

2 hours of one-on-one phone consultation, including two mock interviews and written Performance Summary

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